Dave Freitas was introduced to open wheel racing in 1987 as a mechanic for a southern California open wheel team and within four years he had opened up his own shop, DFR, in Bellflower.

The new team specialized in building race engines and preparing and racing formula cars in series spanning the continental United States. Along with maintaining racecars to the highest standards, Dave also drove many different types of cars in a number of series, doing development and driver coaching for many of his DFR customers.

Along with his management duties at the race shop, the Californa native has also found time to do precision driving work for commercials, tv shows and corporate outings.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Dave has seen and done it all and continues to stay focused on what brought him into the sport, his love of winning and more specifically, winning races. He looks forward to what the next 25 years has in store for him.